Buzzing in the Bay

An exploration of healthy caffeine alternatives



Hello my name is Annastashia Goolsby, but I usually just go by Anna, and I am a 24-year-old student at San Francisco State studying journalism. I love to travel and hope to incorporate that into my writing one day but in the meantime I will focus on my time in the bay.

Having lived in San Francisco for a year, left the country for a year and upon arrival back to SF, I was quickly reminded of the health kick this city is constantly on. It is easy to find wheat, meat and soy substitutes; so I assume it must be easy to find a substitute for caffeine.

I am determined to explore the alternatives to caffeine that are healthier and actually comparable to drinking a cup of coffee or chugging an energy drink. In this blog, I find healthier alternatives, test and research them and compare them to that sizzling cup of joe a lot of people crave first thing in the morning.

Feel free to contact me via Twitter or email:


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