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An exploration of healthy caffeine alternatives

Caffeine remains popular among college students

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From a college student’s perspective, I am not surprised to find out that a majority of college students drink caffeine. Whether it comes from tea, coffee, energy drinks or alternatives, on average 1-3 caffeinated beverages are consumed daily, according to a study at University of New Hampshire.

Although only 8 percent said they do not drink any beverages that contain caffeine, it got me wondering. Do they drink alternatives? Do they drink wheatgrass? Apple cider vinegar? If not, what do they do to stay awake and study?

These statistics were based on a survey conducted at UNH in April 2013 and although it doesn’t specify wether the 8 percent did something for a natural boost or not, I’m just going to hope they did.

I cannot emphasize how great and effective caffeine alternatives are.


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