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Wheatgrass to the rescue

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_DSC0055If someone told me five years ago, let alone two months ago, that I would be drinking a shot of wheatgrass every morning, I would have thought they were lying. I always knew the general idea of why wheatgrass is healthy, but I never cared; until now. Now I can’t stop drinking it.

Sounds crazy right? I still think so.

Just the other day, I ordered a double shot from the school juice bar and with a quizzical look the cashier says to me, “oh, that’s all?” I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to buy something else and couldn’t help but feel weird ordering juiced grass; especially when I’ve never seen anyone else order wheatgrass there.

Regardless, I’ve been drinking 2 ounces every morning for about a month and I feel great.

As expected, I didn’t get an immediate energy boost when I first started drinking wheatgrass but I knew the health benefits and I know my body needs it. On top of that, the drink comes in a measly shot. I hold my breath, gulp it down and continue with my day.

It wasn’t until this past week where I thought that I was feeling the benefits of the wheatgrass. I had energy throughout the day without crashing after my first two morning classes, I was attentive in class and my stress level was noticeably lower than it usually is during exams. This is a great feeling and exactly what I had been searching for through all the kombucha, chia seeds and apple cider vinegar drinks.

I definitely plan on continuing to start my mornings with wheatgrass and even want to get a wheatgrass juicer to use at home; that is how much I love and encourage wheatgrass. I plan on getting anyone who comes over to take a shot.

In regards to an immediate jolt and on a scale of 1-10, I would rate wheatgrass a zero but a 10 in the long-run.


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