Buzzing in the Bay

An exploration of healthy caffeine alternatives

Dependence on coffee is skyrocketing

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Who would have thought when they were a teenager that as an adult they would be drinking coffee every day?

I certainly didn’t.

It wasn’t until I was attending college that I noticed my utter reliance on coffee to keep me awake, sane and somewhat approachable during the semesters. I know I can speak for many college students when I say this because I’ve seen the lines at university cafes, and they are not short.

Despite the controversy that coffee may or may not be bad for consumption on a daily basis, some drinkers still believe they need to cut back or take a break. Whether 20 or 40 years old, if someone knows they need to quit something, they know. The hard part is doing it. 

Listen to some personal insight of avid drinkers who love coffee, want to quit, but can’t fully do it (did I mention they love coffee):


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