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Beat me down and give me a different drink

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I’ve never been a fan of beets._DSC0235

So why did I buy a drink made entirely of raw beets? That is the same question I asked myself every time I took a sip.

Actually I had a few reasons:

  • It’s made from a raw, organic, healthy vegetable
  • It’s a detox cleanser
  • Contains probiotics
  • Supposed to be a great source of energy
  • Has a low sugar content

I’ve been going to Whole Foods for the past few weeks in search of new drinks to try and every time I went, I would see kvass next to all the Kombucha. Apparently they keep all the fermented drinks next to each other.

I never had a desire to try this beet drink but I decided that after having seen it so many times, I should just go for it; so I did. I made my way to the check out line and asked the cashier if he had tried it. He said no. I was scared.

I carried the drink around with me for about 20 minutes before I had the courage to even try it but I finally got there. I opened it, smelled it and gasped. It smelled exactly liked it tasted: a dirty ol’ beet. It literally tasted like a juiced beet straight from the ground.

Like I have with all the other drinks I’ve tried, I kept an open mind of course, but this drink is one of a kind. I like the idea that it is completely and utterly health beneficial but I had the toughest time drinking it. I would wince after every gulp but I still kept drinking it- slowly.

I think I drank it so slow that I didn’t get the full potential of this energy-packed drink. However, I did feel like my poor college-abused body greatly benefitted from this drink. I felt refreshed, clear-minded and almost ready to start studying for my 100-question Anthropology exam; all I needed next was an actual energy booster.

I truly love the idea and health benefits of this drink but I absolutely loathe the taste. I didn’t see them when I was at Whole Foods this week, but Zukay has several other flavors that I think would be more suitable for my tastebuds such as Carrot Ginger or Veggie Medley.

If you like beets, I would definitely recommend this drink but it’s just not for me.

In regards to an immediate jolt and on a scale of 1-10, I would rate Zukay Raw Kvass a four.


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