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An exploration of healthy caffeine alternatives

Raw organic energy IS possible

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In my attempt to find a another healthy alternative to coffee, I tried Synergy aka Kombucha aka a fermented drink. I have to admit, I was definitely skeptical of trying this drink but apparently it is becoming more and more popular. I mean, if health advocates are drinking it and it is even sold in liquor stores, it must be somewhat tasty right?

I am going to say yes and no.

During my first experience, I tried the Cosmic Cranberry Enlightened Synergy and although the bottle said “Do Not Shake,” I took it upon myself to just turn it upside down a couple times because there was a layer of gunk at the bottom, which I later found out is referred to as “culture;” and that I am not supposed to shake it because it is carbonated and will fizz everywhere. In addition, there are other other ingredients that I cannot pronounce and is a cure-all for health complaints. I have to admit, I am all for a drink that gives me energy and is beneficial to my health.


Health benefits of Kombucha:

  • Detoxification
  • Joint care
  • Aids digestion and gut health
  • Immune boosting

Although I did not throughly enjoy this drink because of the pungent smell and ginger taste, I had to give Synergy and Kombucha another try; so I tried one with raw chia seeds. Why? It sounded healthy. Will I drink it again? Probably not. The flavor of the drink was okay but I just could not tolerate the chia seeds. It must be a reflex of mine because every time I took a sip, I had to chew the microscopic seeds and half way through the bottle, my jaw was tired.

I assume drinking chia seeds must be an acquired taste that I do not have, so I gave Synergy one last full-hearted shot. To my utter astonishment, I loved it. I was completely doubtful I would like this flavor because it was Gingerberry and I do not like ginger for a second but it was a great experience. I did not shake the bottle, there were no chia seeds, it did not taste like ginger, I was able to gulp it down and it gave me a slight energy buzz.

Unfortunately, this version of bottled Kombucha is not comparable to a cup of coffee at all. It was a slight pick-me-up but I wouldn’t rely on it for studying or waking up early. If anything, I will drink it if I feel like I need an immunity boost because my college lifestyle is taking a toll on my body.

In regards to an immediate jolt and on a scale of 1-10, I would rate Synergy a five.


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